2019 is  yin-earth pig year.that's is the last year of the twelve animal signs of Chinese zodiac which starts with rat year.
by numerics The 8th star will be located in the center. in 宿曜 method 2019 is a year of SUBARU . according to fengshui it's the 15th year of the 8 period.
the person born in pig year and in November and May must be careful  with their health (blood system )parents’ health condition and accident.ceramic tiger and printed picture will protect these people against the bad influence of pig year.
the earth of 2019 is under negative earth element,it means farm,land,and soft sand.There’s water and a little wood element inside pig.Water and wood will take place below the land,land will attack water and water will attack land.These elements are incompatible.so I predict the conflict of national governments would still go on. The soft land keeping water inside is not stable land,it can easily collapse.so we have to continue to pay attention to the landslide after the non-stop rain especially to the children.
In 1959,the same combination of the zodiac and element occurred.in July that year Japan was hit by typhoon Isewan which killed 4000 people.2 weeks later Typhoon Sarah ravaged Japan and South Korea resulting to 2000 casualties. flood in Taiwan left 2,000 dead.
In 2019 expect torrential downpour ,heavy snowfall and strong typhoon. Agriculture will be damaged by the extreme cold weather.
Despite this the Antarctic ice would continue to melt. There’re expected to a lot of aerial accidents 
The element earth means “change “ there would be a variety of changes for example in institutional reforms,as new leaders will take over,rule reforms of government and between two nations.(in 1959 Hawaii and Alaska became the statements of America and The Antarctic Treaty is signed in Washington on December 1st by twelve countries )These changes started in 2018 and probably will continue next year. In 1959 extreme leader such as Fidel Castro came to power.
As for people’s lives,we could find a lot of people who will change their jobs and take over family’s inheritance such as house and business.
In western astrology, Pluto which means destruction and revival,took place in the area of Capricorn,which is a symbol of old systems and institutions, so a lot of old system would be broken and some new leaders would take over the power. A lot of issues which were done under the table by government officials and politicians seem to be revealed.In 1959 Darai lama escaped Tibet 
In fact,when the star under earth element place the center of the horoscope.it’s said that there will be a lot of earthquakes. It’s necessary to prepare for damages of the earthquake and the typhoon which will increase specially May and December next year.The 8th star symbolizes young male (ages from 20-40 years old)A lot of them will change their careers rushly.they will easily choose a company that can compete globality. It’s because the 8th star means ability of adaptation. It’s recommended for the company owners to join international market.
There are something to come into leaf newly under the earth,so various new businesses would get attention of people.
In fact they innovated many scientific expeditions mostly in space in 1959 and the first full-earth picture was taken in the space by human beings .Similar things can occur about the other planets in 2019.
Unfortunately in 1959 the first known human with HIV dies in Congo 
There are a lot of reasons for oxidation ,for example aging,air pollution stress becomeing alcoholic ,instant food,processed foods,Margarine,snacks,and junk food .Its is recommended to eat Avogadro,tomatoes,bananas,beans,garlic,ginger,un-salted almonds,blueberries,strawberries,green tea,coconut oil and sesame against oxidant 
In fengshui, the 2th start that symbolizes illness will locate in the n.e sector of the house.Placing a metal wind charm or a chiese knot tid with six old coins will counter the bad illnesses .Please be sure not to put red ,orange or yellow things in the n.e. sector,which increases the meaning of the illness star.
Fengshui interior 
If the door of the house is located in the n.w area ,it’s recommended to place a metal wind charm .
Be sure to avoid moving to n.w direction ,cutting the tree or building a new home in n.w. area of your house.
It’s also not recommended to see a construction site in the west of the house or office that will take away the money luck .
The 5th start so called killing star will take place in the s.w. It’s better to move the beds into another room or place a iron wind bell.
Placing three bamboo sticks in water pot in the s.e. sector will protect you from the back biters.

Ten Elements




They are very patient,and extremely strict with themselves.Stress management is much higher than other people.They like taking care of their younger colleagues who look up to them.But if superiors criticize them,they resist badly.


The person born on a floral day is very gentle and considerate,mature enough to please other people.When ivy gets cut ,it grows again,similary even if he fails,he must stand up.
Some people are good at singing and dancing,attracting many other people. 




They are very fair like the sun,shining and giving light to everyone equally.They sometimes fight for justice.There are a lot of career-driven wives born on sunny days.they usually have a strong foresight for the future.They have a lot of leadership senses.



The person born on a day of fire of the candle is so willing to make efforts to achieve something if there is a target to
 He/She is goal-oriented.it is just like the candle that can keep burning for a long time when there’s enough fuel. A woman born on the day of fire often lets her man take priority. She’s submissive.But when she stands too much,feels unbearable,she suddenly goes bananas.




 The person born on the day of earth is broad-minded and calm.We can put everything into earth,smilary once he has get something,he can’t give it up easily.Therefore,he always has affliction to be with the person he has to avoid. Man under earth element is clingy and sometimes womanizer.



The person under farm element feels hungry,he’s easily irritated.Their personality is similar to those under rock element.




 A person under an ax or an ore has an abundant frontier spirit.he can achieve that nobody has even done.If a wonen,she’ll become a powerful mother.metal will be useful when they are turn into tools.He has to undergo hardships and trials at the beginning,and change himself to a useful tools.If a person under ax doesn’t have any intentions to do anything,he mustn’t go out anywhere for years.because of its weight,once it stops,it’s hard to continue on.


Diamond and scissors belong to Yin-metal.They are already a tool from the beginning. The people under this sign are very eager to work from their youth. They can seldom be lazy.
Their words are sometimes too precise and sharp.When associating with a boyfriend or girlfriend,the person born on the negative metallic day starts the relationship by the marriage promise.
If diamond gets damaged,it couldn’t heal itself,so once being hurt he’ll remember forever as the scare will remain permanently.




 The person under sea element is an intelligent one.He has a smartness and leadership that he can get along with everyone.Sea will sometimes become the warm sea where fish and people swim,and sometimes the wave which rages will become a tidal wave that swallowes everything.The powerful water which causes a landslide is water of sea,not rain.There are variety of feelings of a person of sea water Sometimes they can be cold-hearted and do some bad things.



People under rain element are gentle, and very clever in their memories.As water can change its shape to fit into everything,the people born on water day are very flexible.


Client's Testimonies


 I was in trouble because the dealings of my company have reduced to half so sales weren'tin progressing but after following the feng shui advice , it increased  to 30 percent  compared with last year’s sales .
I tried the fengshui to avoid the employees not leaving the company and found it really effective.
I had a conflict or disagreement regarding my contract with a foreign company was plagued with  a big contract with foreign company , but I figured out the reason of this bad luck by fortune telling using daneki, After the fortune telling,i finally got rid of the issue and made the contract deals smoother.
After religiously following the Feng Shui  advice,my store reached the highest sales we ever had in just one day .
Through fortune telling,i was advised to watch out for my business partner.After a year,he was arrested for scamming other people Good thing ,heeded the warning I was suffered from insomnia for a very long time,now I decided to seek advice through fengshui and fortune telling.
The relocation of my bed in my bedroom changed my life.It helped me to have a better sleep

Introduce Myself


Lily Yu

When I was a child , I used to visit China often with my mother.She was a teacher of calligraphy, and experienced unusual things. Often times after visiting China,big changes or special events happen in my life I must have visited China  just before the big events of the life happen in my life.This is the start of my journey According to Chinese stories,the emperor of the ancient province of ShanTong province went to the temple of Tai Shan mountain to make a ritual was done to receive enlightenment from the dragon as he started to empower and rule the province.I decided to climb this mountain 18 years ago.I didn’t believe in supernatural or paranormal events However,in that temple,i felt like some kind of enlightenment from the supreme being and soft of given me a message of what my purpose in life is going to be through the wind in a soft whisper which I could not explain.No words can express what I felt that day.Since then,I started studying the Chinese fortune telling method called Yi Chin method.I went to Waseda University to study law.And probably because I was also born in the month of Capricorn,pushing to learn more about the Chinese culture became my goal instead of forcusing on my major which was law.I went to China,Taiwan,Hongkong,and Korea to find out more about fortune telling.became I because of born in the Capricorn month ,  I'd like to pursue the truth, I went to study Chinese university and also went to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea and had lessons for fortune telling . Finally when I was in the 4th grade of the university, I found i had taken a lot of classes of Chinese culture and having not studied law at all that is my major ,and fail finding jod for new graduate After I graduated at the university, I continued to study pneumatics, daneki, tarot, 紫微斗数, Western astrology, the physiognomyface-reading , the lines of the palm reading , fling star feng shui and 宿曜 more than 13 kinds of other methods , in Tokyo and Osaka at a fortune telling college or from some masters in Taiwan and a Japanese master personally and it's acquired. spent 100000 hours for studying At the beginning , I did predictions to my close friend for free of charge, but my friends advised me to do predictions as a profession.The 80 percent of the clients are company owners but there’s a variety of professionals such as,succer players,artists, and politicians.